Take me home baby!

O.k. so you may be asking 'What the heck is this?' and then again you may not be. That's o.k. also. These are my 'rants' the things that make me mad, frustrated, or just seem plain ridiculous to me. You may agree to them: you may not. I don't care (I can say that because this is my domain). If you have a comment either for or against the content please feel free to jump in a lake. Just kidding. E-mail me with your viewpoints and I will post them in their entirety, unless you feel the need to use foul language. Then I will post it anyway so I can make fun of you.

COMMERCIALS:  This one just kills me sometimes.  If I had a brick for every commercial that torqued me off, I would have a lot of broken TVs.  Here are a few:

ACURA - They have a new car, not really a new car just a souped up one.  The commercial starts out with a hip couple of thirtysomething socialites.  The two are shown lounging around and having a blast at some resort.  Scenes of the car whipping down the highway are mixed in with this upbeat Pizzicato 5 sounding tune.  The final slogan, the one that just makes me scream, "The new Acura XXX.  Do nothing that much sooner."  LIKE YOU CAN GO FASTER THAN THE SPEED LIMIT!!!  I really don't think Acura has special permission for the owners of their cars to drive whatever speed they want.  Does anyone give purchase to the idea 'If my car can go 700 miles an hour I can get to work faster'?  Unfortunately I think many do.

NISSAN - As much as I like the Maxima, I really get bent when I see the commercial showing the car speeding across a dry lakebed kicking up dust wherever it goes.  Any car can spin it's tires in loose dirt.  I used to kick up gravel in my old Volkswagen van.  Everyone knows they have no power!

As for the new Nissan truck, aside from it looking like it cost about $35 dollars to assemble, with the ugly snap on front bumper and wheel wells, the commercial where they say "some trucks just haul glutius maximus."  The trucks is shown playing in the mud, just like any other truck.  What the people at Nissan forgot to look at was the front and back halves of the truck twisting independently of each other.  Any person who drives performance cars, knows that if you want to survive a turn, your car should not have an overcooked piece of macaroni for a suspension.  It's a good thing all those light beer drinking studs out there were too dazzled by the flying mud.

VERIZON WIRELESS -  I'd just like to thank you for turning the peace sign into a big campaign slogan for you.  I bet you're the same company that wanted to re-create Woodstock too.


EXCESSES: Many of you who know me know where this is on my list. I feel that one of the major problems with America today is it's wastefulness. The once great society of America is beginning to look like a fat, bloated, lazy king whose time is short in the eyes of the hungry.

Does anyone really need to drink 64oz of soda? I could be able to finish one in about a week; maybe. How much does it take to satisfy one's thirst. It is my belief the increase in large or obese people in today's society is due to the gluttonous mentality we seem to share. This mentality is fostered by the low price of bigger selections. It only costs an extra 50 cents to double your drink size. That means you pay less per ounce. So what. I don't want to drink a 55-gallon drum of soda no matter what it costs.

How big of an order of French fries is necessary? My God! Do you really think you need that much food. I was in a McDonalds the other day and the person I was with had ordered a value meal. He was asked which size of "Super size" he wanted. There are now TWO super sizes. the regular great big huge helping and now a new and improved even bigger size. Come on people, get a clue.

FAMILY VALUES (OR CHILDREN WITH GUNS): This is a good one. There is a lot of news today about how to "Stop the Violence" and "Protect our Children from all evils."

I lost my girlfriend: I think I'll blow up my school Here it is folks, the answer to all of our problems. There comes a point where sheltering your child can be bad. Please do not think I have no compassion for the innocent victims. What I am talking about is your child not being able to cope with life. When something like a teen romance goes bad, it may seem like the end of the world. I remember. But I never brought a gun to school and started shooting people. The reason for the difference is that I knew how to deal with it. I knew the world wasn't going to end and there would be another chick to fill the void. I had dealt with stress in my life before and used that experience to get through other new stressful situations. Those children that are constantly kept from the pain of life don't know how to deal. When they get faced with a painful situation, and don't have the communication skills to talk about it, they flip out. Parents don't be afraid to let your children live life. They will appreciate you for it in the long run. I am not preaching the let your child fend for him/herself extreme here. You are a guide not a shield. Let them learn for themselves and above all else TALK TO THEM!!