Take me home baby!

O.k. so I've been slacking a little bit on the beer page isn't that a good thing? I was busy this weekend and made two batches with my friend Pete. Here's how it went....

My Homebrew:

Bite Me Bach

created on April 6, 2002

Pete and I have been kicking around this idea for a while but we've never gotten together to finish it up. So last weekend we finally did it. Both of us used the same kind of canned syrup: Black Rock. Mine was a Bock and Pete's was a Bitter.

Here's how it went...

Both Pete and I are firm believers that cleanliness is for someone else but when it comes to making beer your stuff had better be clean or your beer could taste really bad. We cleaned both carboys and the stainless pot with a combination of hot water and an iodine-like substance. I started with two liters of water in the pot and added the syrup. Once the syrup as added I carefully eyeball measured two pounds of malt to add to the now hot mixture. Pete was busy running to the store to buy a funnel. (I forgot to bring mine.) When he got back we poured the mixture into a carboy that had a nice water heel in it. I learned about those the hard way. After the syrup-malt mixture was added to the carboy with the water we added more water to fill the carboy. We carefully checked the temperature and then added the yeast. The whole process was repeated for my batch.

Here's a couple of other photos. The one on the left is Pete's unnamed beer cooking away in the pot while I'm waiting for him to bring me a funnel. The one on the left is the incredibly handsome brewmaster: me. If you click on the photo you'll get a larger version.

And on the eighth day...

We haven't gotten there yet. We might do some bottling (and kegging) on Sunday after our race. We may just wait until the next week to try anything. You'll be the next to know....


Here are some of the beers that I've tasted lately.  An important note to you:  remember when tasting beers to either 1) Taste only a couple of beers at a time or 2) Have only a little of each beer when tasting.  I only say this because I tasted all of these beers in one night and well.....it was a bad morning.

Here is a Homer Simpson sound byte that sums up my last review session:  Beer

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