Take me home baby!!

Yeah o.k. I made a running page to put my accomplishments on but there aren't many. Yet...

This year has been different. I'm running again and I'm actually training: seriously. I'll be doing the Hood To Coast (HTC) this year with a competitive team from Intel. We have a good chance of winning the men's corporate division.

Here's a list of some of the runs I've done this summer:


Mt. Hood Scramble - My first scramble with the Big Red Lizards. These guys are crazy and Kevin, the guy who designs these runs, is the head loon. This race was up on Mt. Hood and it went up and up and up. We crossed a stream four times and scrambled over rocks, trees, water, snow, up hills, and back down. They said the race would involve all this and blood. I'll admit to shedding a little myself. It was tons of fun and kind of wierd too. It isn't often I finish a 10k in 50:16.

Sauvie Island Flat Half - It's been a couple of years since I'd run something long. This one was to be the perfect refresher with no hills and great weather. It would have been perfect too if I hadn't started out at a six minute mile pace. I managed to hang on for the rest of the race an pull out a 1:24:50. Not too bad. There was lots of beer after the race too.

McCubbins Gulch Scramble - This is scramble number two. We camped out the night before for this one. It was pretty darn cool. This race finished across a creek. The course was more challenging than the last one but also a little shorter. I didn't bleed, much, but I did manage to get stung by a wasp in the beginning. I wasn't alone though. I think about half the participants got stung too. I finished this race in 40:17. I think it was only 5.5 miles or so. Still it was fun.

Dual Duel - We've been doing speed work on the track on Tuesdays to help up get ready for HTC. Usually it's mile repeats. We do up to seven on a good day. This time we entered a fund raising race. The race consists of two man teams that take turns running a quarter mile on the track. The two alternate in this fashion until they've finished ten miles. That's 20 laps on the track each. The hard part is there are a hundred or so people on the track at the same time. And the only rest you get is while your partner is running. Our HTC team entered and took a lot of the prizes. My team finished second in our age group. Our total time was around 56 minutes and I managed to run a consistent 75-80 seconds for all 20 of my laps.

Here is a link to a training plan for marathons. 

You can e-mail me if you have any questions or comments mrtom.